Our Services

Web Design & Development

The web is a continually evolving publication platform, and it offers a dizzying array of tools to tell your story. What will work best for you—a traditional website, a blog, a social media campaign? And how will people access that story—at their desktop in the kitchen, on a tablet at Starbucks, or from their phone while walking down the street? Let us help you choose the right tools delivered in the right way for your particular communication needs.

Our Web Services Include:

  • Web Consultation & Planning
  • Web Design
  • Front End Development—HTML, CSS, JavaScript (primarily via jQuery), ActionScript 2 & 3 (Flash)
  • Content Management System (CMS) Integration
  • HTML Email Customization & Managment
  • Blog Customization & Integration
  • Social Media Customization & Integration

Print Design

I keep hearing that we’re moving to a paperless society, and perhaps we are ... but it’s not here yet. Nor should we undervalue the intimacy and impact of holding something physical in our hands. Print is not dead. And when you determine to spend the money to communicate in print, you want to get it right! You want the appropriate continuity between all your communication efforts—digital and printed. That’s why we still stand proudly behind quality printed materials, so that you can communicate consistently and effectively in both the digital and physical world.

Branding & Storytelling

While the word “branding” means different things to different people, we typically limit the word to working with logos (after all, a “brand” was originally a unique symbol seared into an object to mark it as belonging to its owner). When it comes to the larger task of developing a comprehensive communication plan for your organization, we prefer the metaphor of storytelling. “Branding” in that larger context tends to communicate the idea of managing your public image, which is a foolish goal at best and a deceptive endeavor at worst. You cannot ultimately control how you are perceived by others ... but you can learn to tell true stories about yourself and your organization that are clear and compelling. We can help you tell that story clearly, consistently, and beautifully across all media—web, print, packaging, large-format-display, public speaking, elevator pitches. Don’t manage your image; tell good stories!